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Vintage Garden

This Oklahoma summer has been brutal on just about anything that is living.  So to be honest, I haven’t ventured far from our front porch. Here are a few photos of our front garden of plants that have survived the intense summer season. .


Front Porch With Columns & Cozy Furniture

This recipe is the easiest thing that I have just about ever done.  Since this web-site is about our town, the people, vintage homes & gardens, car shows, etc., I wasn’t sure if I should post this picture about bread, but since homemade bread is about home and family, I grabbed my camera and shot a few photographs.  These were taken just before baking, the after shots will be updated later when I can capture a loaf that hasn’t been sliced into before photographing.

This Little Pink House Is Truly Vintage Small Town Living - Sapulpa, AMERICA - None Better

Beautiful Large Front Porch

Welcome Home - Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Outstanding Brick Detail Work - Exceptional Roof Line

Mid July – hot temperatures, sweet air & looking forward to the next summer thunderstorm.

Summertime in Sapulpa

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